Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale
Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale
Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale
Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale

Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale

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Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13” Automatic Deli Slicer w/ Portion Scale.


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    •    Razor sharp 13” chromium-coated hard alloy blade features an industry-leading 60-62 Rockwell hardness at the edge

    •    Adjustable knob sets slices to desired thickness between 0" and 15/16"

    •    Includes an integrated 6.6 lb. digital portion scale

    •    Features a 3 1/2" wide thumb guard

    •    1/2 hp motor provides a blade speed of 319 RPM

Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB


The worldwide standard for ergonomics and safety, the Bizerba GSP HD I W-90-GCB 13" heavy-duty automatic gravity feed meat and cheese slicer with digital portion scale is a safe and versatile workhorse that will exceed the performance expectations of any commercial operation, from start-ups to established restaurants. Its reliable 1/2 hp motor rotates the razor sharp 13" hard alloy blade at 319 RPM, allowing you to quickly and efficiently slice up fresh deli meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables for the perfect signature menu items. Chromium-coated with 60-62 Rockwell hardness at the edge, this grooved channeled meat and cheese blade is the hardest, thinnest, largest, and straightest blade in the industry. It stays sharp and stands up to the demands of delicate meats and moist or hard blocks of cheese other blades struggle to slice.

The slicer's sophisticated design uses high-end materials and will endure prolonged operation in commercial kitchens without overheating. Semi-automatic operation maximizes efficiency and minimizes user fatigue, while precision-machined grooves on the carriage allow for food products to automatically slide at an incline of 25 degrees toward the operator to make slicing effortless. The 306-point remnant holder secures food products in place for smooth, efficient operation, while the adjustable control knob sets slice thickness to any size between 0" and 15/16".

For the ultimate convenience, this slicer comes with an integrated digital portion scale that can weigh up to 6.6 lb. of product at a time. There's no need to purchase a separate scale, as this integrated scale weighs the product as you slice it to boost efficiency. The scale is easy to operate with a tare function and touch-screen controls that weigh in increments of 2 grams (0.005 lb.) This helps your employees to cut to exact weight specifications, which reduces waste and helps immensely when training employees who are still learning to slice common weights for meats. It also allows your employees to portion with ease using this all-in-one unit.

An industry leader in food and user safety, the unit has a sealed one-piece anodized aluminum body, a non-corroding low-profile design, and easy-to-clean food-contact surfaces and splash zones to ensure optimal hygiene. To protect the user's hands, the unit has a 3 1/2" wide thumb guard and automatic blade shut-off programmable at 15, 30, or 45 seconds. A drain moves unwanted liquids and debris away from the controls to keep your workspace clean, while a sturdy side lift-arm provides a convenient way to raise and clean underneath the slicer. During cleaning, the unit's interlock system locks the carriage and gauge plate and activates no-volt release to prevent injury. Additionally, the unit has an illuminating safety dial that lights up green when the plate is closed, the motor is off, and the unit is safe for cleaning. The dial lights up red when the gauge plate is open and the unit is ready to use.

Comfortable and quiet operation makes this slicer an ideal choice for use at the counter or in back of house. No matter the application, this unit provides the perfect combination of power, precision, and safety for all of your heavy-duty slicing needs. It also comes with a dishwasher-safe remote blade sharpener that ensures correct and consistent sharpening, as well as a sharpener caddy and a heavy-duty blade cover. Operation requires a 120V electrical connection.

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